[Nick lives fairly near campus, although not walking distance].

14 Tasman Sea - is the address (in Newport Beach)

From Nick's to campus - you will see the parking office forward to the right from the intersection where the map ends, go right, left, left into driveway, park, go to 21nd floor for a parking permit, they will give you a map and show you where my office and Duran's is located, SS Plaza A 4169 and 4171 (4th floor) and where to park.

From Nick's to Doug's for weekend trip overnite

8633 C Via Mallorca - is the address (in La Jolla). On the Yahoo map there is a star at the end that approximately marks the left turn into CAPE LA JOLLA GARDENS. It is the second driveway on the left. GO UP THE RAMP, then straight all the way back to the end of the complex. Then turn right (the only way to continue) and go about 120 meters until you see 8633 on the garage to the right. Park and go up the stairs closest to that number. It is unit C in that building, second entrance on the left.

La Jolla to UC Irvine