Freshman Seminar Information

Seminar Title: Civilizations as Dynamical Networks 
Seminar Description 
Worldwide anthropological and historical studies in the context of world civilizations, 1200AD to 2005. 
Readings, Assignments, Activities 
Arrighi, Giovanni and Beverly J. Silver. 2001. 'Capitalism and World 
(Dis)order.' Review of International Studies 27:257-279. 

White, Douglas. "Hegemonic Change and Long Inflationary Cycles: Leadership 
patterns of Cities and Nations in World Civilization, 1200-2000" html 

Population Dynamics and Warfare: preprint Turchin and Korotayev; Addendum; 

Chase-Dunn, Christopher, and Thomas D. Hall. 1997. Rise and Demise: Comparing 
World-Systems. Paperback - $39. Barnes & Noble HarperCollins. New Perspectives 
in Sociology. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. 
also Globalization: A World-Systems Perspective. (article) 

Korotayev, Andrey. 2004. World Religions as a factor of Social Evolution of 
the Old World Oikumene: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. 

2002 [1969] George P. Murdock and Douglas R. White, Standard Cross-Cultural 
Sample: on-line.  

see my concurrent upper division class for 
on line access to readings.