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  • Bob Adams Commentary on Richard Hatcher, Understanding the Population History of England, 1450-1750 - Examining assumptions of historically 'fitted' models

  • Peter Turchin Dynamical Analysis of Socio-Economic Oscillations: England, 1100-1900
  • Turchin's PowerPoint presentation of Dynamical maps (22 MB) of evolution of the state system and metaethnic frontiers in Europe during the two millenia CE. These are PowerPoint slides presented at the Santa Fe Institute working group on Analyzing Civilizations as Dynamic Networks (Complex Macrosystems). C. Nussli, 2002. Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe is the source of the new states/ethnogenesis maps.

  • Henry Wright The Earliest Bronze Age in Southwest Asia (3100-2700 BC)

  • Bill Thompson Complexity, Diminishing Marginal Returns, and Serial Mesopotamian Fragmentation
    Comment on Thompson's paper - political dynamics Doug White

  • Doug White Paper for Spufford project, assisted by Joseph Wehbe Maps, Network Slides and Powerpoint for Spufford project

  • Dave Wilkinson Analytical and Empirical Issues in the Study of Power-Polarity Configuration Sequences

  • Chris Chase-Dunn Modeling dynamical nested networks in the Prehistoric U.S. Southwest

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  • Chris Chase-Dunn World-Systems as Dynamic Networks

  • John Hatcher 2003 Understanding the Population History of England 1450-1750

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