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Anthro 289A Introduction to Anthropological Sciences 60890

Spring 2004 SSPA 4249 Thursday 9-11:50

The interdisciplinarity of the Anthropological Sciences is examined from the perspective of how biological, archaeological, linguistic, social and cultural research fit together with systematic databases, simulation and modeling in the study of human evolution, history and contemporary problems and cultures.
Topics to be expanded:

Readings - under construction

Ethology - e.g., Geoff Gerstner, 1992, Quantifiable Temporal and Spatial Behavior Patterns in Six Mammalian Species.
Ethnography - e.g., Alyawarra Ethnographic Archive, Woodrow W. Denham
Ethnology and Comparison - e.g., Comparative Research with a Standard Sample White and Korotayev
Macrocultures - e.g., World Religions and Social Structure Korotayev
Civilizations, World-Systems and Globalization - e.g., Civilizations as Dynamic Networks working group
Dynamics - e.g., Turchin's cliodynamics site Software for Smoothing Time Series

Further Readings - under construction

Korotayev, Andrey. 2004. World Religions as a factor of Social Evolution of the Old World Oikumene: A Cross-Cultural Comparison.

Douglas R. White and Andrey Korotayev. 2004 (ms.). Using SPSS: Analysis and Comparison in the Social Sciences In preparation.

Recommended reading

Christian, David. 2004. Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History. $35 paper. Cosmology, geology, archeology, and population and environmental studies--all figure in David Christian's account, which is an overview of the emerging field of "Big History." Maps of Time opens with the origins of the universe, the stars and the galaxies, the sun and the solar system, including the earth, and conducts readers through the evolution of the planet before human habitation. It surveys the development of human society from the Paleolithic era through the transition to agriculture, the emergence of cities and states, and the birth of the modern, industrial period right up to intimations of possible futures.

Hughes, Barry B. 1996. International Futures: Choices in the Creation of a New World Order, Westview Press, Boulder.