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ANSAR, SEPIDEH ANSAR, SEPIDEH SANSAR@UCI.EDU SOCIOL SR P/N X Demographic Structural Theory: Germany ??not in class turchin:feedback 3 England:Turchin 3 3 Tu 24 A 1 England:Turchin 1 Turchin&Koro
BALSTER, CHRISTOPHER RYAN BALSTER, CHRISTOPHER RYAN CBALSTER@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Lakoff and Political Framing: Spin; Parties; Why Success Lakoff 9 search for another topic by Lakoff 9 9+ Tu 24 A 1 search for another topic by Lakoff 2 Turchin:England
BURT, JAMESON WILLIAM BURT, JAMESON WILLIAM BURTJ@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR Modelski on Globalization? info@whistlerband.com Modelski 13.5 The four dimensions of Globalization 13.5 Tu 31 A 3 The four dimensions of Globalization 7 Boehm:Reverse Dominance
CALDWELL, JULIA THORNTON CALDWELL, JULIA THORNTON CALDWELJ@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Mike Davis: Development of LA Goodenough 6 Onotoa-example 6 6 Th 26 A- 2 Onotoa-example 12 Modelski:Long Cycles
DAVIDSON, STACIE ANN DAVIDSON, STACIE ANN SADAVIDS@UCI.EDU SOCIOL SR GR X Strict Father and Nurturant Father frameworks: politicians and reform Lakoff 9 Lakoff&Politics-UC Berkekly site 9 9+ Th 26 A 2 Lakoff&Politics-UC Berkekly site 13 Modelski:Millenial Learning
DUANGPUTRA, ELISA DUANGPUTRA, ELISA EDUANGPU@UCI.EDU ANTHRO SR GR X Thai: Religious influences on Political and Social Structure (Korotayev too?) Lakoff 9 Lakoff&Culture -Metaphors we live by 9 9 Th 26 A- 2 Lakoff&Culture -Metaphors we live by 14 Modelski:Waves of Innovation
EHIMIKA, OMOKHUEME GRACE EHIMIKA, OMOKHUEME GRACE OEHIMIKA@UCI.EDU INTL ST JR GR X World Religion and Social Structure (Korotayev) globaliz. 22 article 22 22+ Tu 31 A- 3 article 15 Algaze:First Cities
FRAGA, NADIA TESS FRAGA, NADIA TESS NFRAGA@UCI.EDU ECON SR GR X Algaze: Sumerian Takeoff turchin:Book -1 Turchin:War/Empire -1 13-15 Th 26 A 2 Turchin:War/Empire 16 Algaze:Mesopotamian Advantage
HIGAKI, CHIHIRO HIGAKI, CHIHIRO CHIGAKI@UCI.EDU INTL ST SR GR X Indiv level: Globalization and Conflict Resolution Goodenough 6 Theory-why 6 6 Th 26 A 2 Theory-why 17 Malkov2Koro:World Population
HOUSTON, NICOLE ALEXIS HOUSTON, NICOLE ALEXIS NHOUSTON@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR Religion, War - Balkans and Mid East emailed Diamond 11 BookReview 11 11 Th 26 B- 2 BookReview expand with book 18 Abu-Lughod:Medieval Renaissance
HWANG, LUMEN CHI-YOUNG HWANG, LUMEN CHI-YOUNG HWANGL@UCI.EDU ENGLISH++ SR GR Th Cultural Management the Plains Indians Roberts 5 Roberts 5 5 Tu 24 A- 1 Roberts be more succinct in ppt presentations; good materials on web 21 Chase-Dunn:World Systems
KWAN, AMELIA YI-ZHENG KWAN, AMELIA YI-ZHENG KWANA@UCI.EDU ART HIS JR GR X Silk Roads and Chinese Dynasties and Territories Silk Road Project 24 Silk Road Project 24 24 Tu 31 A+ 3 Silk Road Project 25 Schramm:Hawala
LEE, HEE JIN LEE, HEE JIN LEEHJ@UCI.EDU SOC SCI SR GR China and Europe (or Religion and Culture?) (see R. Temple: The Genius of China) Abu-Lughod 19 Abu-Lughod 19 19 Tu 07 A 5 Abu-Lughod 26 White:Civs as Dynamic Networks
MOUA, KONG MENG MOUA, KONG MENG KMOUA@UCI.EDU SOC SCI SR GR X How do Climate and Geogr affect California's pop. and economy? Diamond 11 case study 11 11+ Tu 31 A 3 case study 27 White:City Size Hierarchies
NGUYEN, ANNIE N. NGUYEN, ANNIE N. ANNIEN@UCI.EDU SOC SCI SR GR X Globalization and Culture Crosses Arrighi 23 Arrighi 23 23 Th 02 A- 4 Arrighi 27 Taagepera:Empire Sizes
ORTIZO, FELIMON ANTHONY JR. ORTIZO, FELIMON ANTHONY JR. FORTIZO@UCI.EDU ANTHRO SR GR X Rise/Fall of Power in Nations relative to Knowledge and Education Div of Labor 30 Div of Labor by Sex 30 30 Tu 31 A+ 3 Div of Labor by Sex 28 Korotayev:World Religions
PAGE, SAYAKA PAGE, SAYAKA PAGES@UCI.EDU CRM/LAW SR GR X Oscillating Japan -- Tokyo and other Japanese City Sizes turchin:Book -5 Turchin:War/Empire -5 1-3 Tu 24 A 1 Turchin:War/Empire 29 Murdock:World Cultural Sample
PAJON, ROBERT A. JR. PAJON, ROBERT A. JR. RPAJON@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Evol of Unselfish Behavior in Humans Civ 8 Boehm:Evol.Appr.Morality/Conflict 8 8 Th 26 A 2 Boehm:Evol.Appr.Morality/Conflict 31 Bowles:Property Rights Revolution
PITTMAN, CHARLENE NICOLE PITTMAN, CHARLENE NICOLE CPITTMAN@UCI.EDU EURO ST JR GR X Effect of Cellular communication on Development and Evol. of Cultures Cult&Genes 43 Cult&Genes 43 43 Th 02 A- 4 Cult&Genes 32 Greif:Foundations of Exchange
QUIROA, WALKIRIA ANAHAY QUIROA, WALKIRIA ANAHAY WQUIROA@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Pros and Cons of Globalization ??not in class lately turchin:Book -4 Turchin:War/Empire -4 4-6 Tu 31 B+ 3 Turchin:War/Empire 33 Bettinger:Agricultural Potential
RICO, ELIZABETH A. RICO, ELIZABETH A. RICOE@UCI.EDU ENGLISH JR GR X Buddhism and Xianity: Interaction of Religion and Treatment of Environment turchin:Book 29 Turchin:War/Empire 29 7-9 Tu 31 A 3 Turchin:War/Empire 38 Gintis:Prosociality
RODRIGUEZ, MARISOL RODRIGUEZ, MARISOL MRODRIG4@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Globalization and Spread of Disease Moral Judgement 34 Moral Judgment 34 34 Tu 07 A 5 Moral Judgment
SEIDLER, CARRIE LYNN SEIDLER, CARRIE LYNN CSEIDLER@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Prospects for America as a Police State Diamond 10 Collapse:BookReview 10 10 Th 02 A 4 Collapse:BookReview
TAMAYO, ALDRIN TANOJA TAMAYO, ALDRIN TANOJA ATAMAYO@UCI.EDU SOC SCI JR GR X Population Dynamics and Internal Warfare (Turchin & Korotayev) Social Control 36 Social Control 36 36 Th 02 A- 4 Social Control
TORRES, TATIANA STEPHANIE TORRES, TATIANA STEPHANIE TTORRES@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X American Great Awakenings and Population Changes (also Korotayev) Altruism 37 Altruism&Genes 37 37 Tu 31 A- 2 Altruism&Genes be more concise
TUNTITHAVORN, AURAYA TUNTITHAVORN, AURAYA ATUNTITH@UCI.EDU APP ECO SR GR X Disease and Globalization Turchin & Hall 20 Global Synchrony 20 20 Tu 31 A- 3 Global Synchrony
VOELKER, LAINA LEANN VOELKER, LAINA LEANN LVOELKER@UCI.EDU ANTHRO SR GR X Globalization globaliz. 22 globalization and citizenship 22 22 Tu 31 A+ 3 globalization and citizenship
WHITEHALL, D. C. WHITEHALL, D. C. DWHITEHA@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Oscillating Empires: Boom and Bust turchin:Book -2 Turchin:War/Empire -2 10-12 Tu 24 A 1 Turchin:War/Empire
WU, DI WU, DI DWU1@UCI.EDU ANTHRO JR GR X Agric. Production and Livestock-- J. Diamonds causes of Settler Impacts Diamond 11 chapter-book 11 11+ Th 02 A- 4 chapter-book
ZUCKER, ZACHARY PAUL ZUCKER, ZACHARY PAUL ZZUCKER@UCI.EDU SOC SCI SR GR X The Silk Roads and Their Effect on Europe Malcov 24 Malcov ? 24 24 Tu 31 A- 3 Malcov
VILLANUEVA 5 Malkov2Koro
VILLANUEVA, LOVELY VILLANUEVA, LOVELY LVILLANU@UCI.EDU ANTHRO SR GR GR ??not in class at all number disconnected (714)730-6330lvillanu@uci.edu ?? 5 added
Anhthu Anhthu ?? anhthuv@uci.edu not in class Prosociality 38 12.5 Tu 07 5 Prosociality Gintis