Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 10:34:05 -0400

From: "Fales, Rich " <>

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Subject: NSF Dissertation


Dear Colleague:

We've received your and your student's dissertation research proposal and will shortly send it out to the Cultural Anthropology Dissertation Advisory Panel for evaluation. Please use the number listed above in all correspondence. The Panel will meet on October 28-9, 1999. Prior to this meeting three members of the panel will have reviewed each of the proposals under review to provide independent ratings of:

* the research competence or preparation of the student,

* the technical soundness or research design and methodology,

* the intrinsic merit or theoretical significance of the new knowledge to be created, and

* the utility or salience to society in general of the research.

* Reviewers will also provide one overall or summary rating, varying from "Excellent", "Very Good", "Good", "Fair", and "Poor".

Based on these ratings the proposals will be divided into two groups: a set to be discussed at the meeting, and a set of lower-ranked proposals which will not be discussed. The criteria for discussion will be that the proposal's average overall rating score was high, or that at least one panelist had rated the proposal "Excellent".

Please feel free to send an email message a couple of weeks after the meeting and I'll be able to give you a status report, which will be that the panel ranked your proposal in one of three categories:

1) so high that I know it will be funded (about 1/5 of the proposals) although I won't be in a position for some time to discuss the details of the budget; or that

2) the panel ranked your proposal so low that it will be declined; or that

3) your proposal was ranked in an intermediary position where I would not be able to make a funding decision for many weeks until I could see whether funds were available.

It is very common that proposals are recommended for funding subject to a satisfactory response to some critical issues in the reviews. It is very important that your student be in communication with you in the time after the panel, in case an addendum or some other clarification is required.

If your student's proposal involves human subjects, and most proposals in cultural anthropology do, then I suggest you submit the proposal to your Institutional Review Board for their review and approval now (if you have not done so already), so as not to delay things later on.

If something is missing from your proposal it will be indicated on the list following this message.

Best regards,

Victoria S. Lockwood

Program Director for Cultural Anthropology

National Science Foundation

4201 Wilson boulevard

Arlington VA 22230

(703) 306-1758

Fax: (703) 306-0485

Human Subjects: Please submit a signed copy of your Institutional Review Board's decision or its declaration that the research is exempt, when it is available. We can review your proposal without this, but we require it before making any award. Now is a good time to submit your project to your IRB.