Social Science 241B/Anthro 289: Network Theories of Social Structure

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The seminar [was originally] oriented around (1) how to convert ethnographic or social historical data to a relational network of small or large scale, with additional research data on the nodes and multiple relations, (2) how to analyze such data, and (3) how to write up your findings. Two new texts currently in press are now available explicitly for this purpose, and advance copies will be made available.

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On line Texts: Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek de Nooy, Wouter, Andrej Mrvar and Vladimir Batagelj. 2003 (forthcoming). links to EXE self exploding files with data for the book

Networks: Borgatti's on-line instructional materials

Addl Texts:

PajekBook.jpgExploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek 2005. Wouter de Nooy, Andrej Mrvar, Vladimir Batagelj $39.99, paperback.

John Scott. 2000 (2nd edition) Social Network Analysis. London: Thousand Oaks. Amazon Price: $27.95. ships within 2-3 days. ISBN: 0761963391 Paperback. See also: Social Network Analysis: A Handbook by John Scott

Week 1 - discuss in 2

Literature Review: Ties (Weak vs. Strong) Encyclopedia of Community

Generalized Blockmodeling with Pajek: Generalized Blockmodeling : The Modeling Language ("Model 2" handoug)

de Nooy, chapter 12 on blockmodeling

Week 2 - discuss in 3

de Nooy, chapter 2 on world system (attributes and relations), 6 on Center and Periphery (try center/periphery blockmodel with Model 2 language and *.mdl), 10 on Ranking.

Cohesive Subgroups and Role Equivalence: Sampson Monastery examples

Community: Girvin and Newman on edge betweenness deletion

leftright divisive cohesion: Valdes Krebs

Curvature of co-links uncovers hidden thematic layers in the world-wide web. Jean-Pierre Eckman and Elisha Moses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (US), 99, 5825-5829 (2002). Curvature (pdf slides)

1993 Bearman, Peter S. and Kevin D. Everett. "The Structure of Social Protest: 1961-1983." Social Networks 15:171-200. Bearman: other pubs on-line

de Nooy, chapter 10 on Ranking

Triad and Tetrad censuses: Network Motifs: Science 2002

Week 4 - discuss in 5

discussion of projects

2003 Walter W. Powell, Douglas R. White, Kenneth W. Koput and Jason Owen-Smith. Network Dynamics and Field Evolution: The Growth of Interorganizational Collaboration in the Life Sciences. Submitted to: American Journal of Sociology

de Nooy, chapter 8 on diffusion

Week 5 - discuss in 6

Literature Review: Structural Holes

All the World's a Net (pdf)

Readings in Networks and Complexity

Week _ - discuss in _

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Supplementary on-line:

Networks and Ethnographic Analysis: Nomads of South Turkey, Douglas White and Ulla Johansen, Lexington Press. 2003 (forthcoming).

reference materials:

Alain Degenne, Michel Forse (1997) Introducing Social Networks. ISM: London, England. Amazon Price: $31.00. May ship within 5-9 days.

Stanley Wasserman & Katherine Faust (1994) Social Network Analysis. Cambridge Univ Press. Paperback. ISBN: 0521387078

Duncan Watts (1999) Small Worlds: The Dynamics of Networks between Order and Randomness. Princeton Univ Press. ISBN: 0691005419