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  • basconcillo,christan anth Double Filipino culture / organiztn in a fraternity?
  • calderon,marilyn Double applying the Darwinian principles to the current relationship of Catholicism and Hinduism in India
  • chou,andy b. Soc Sci interaction between ethnic groups
  • chung,vicki mokhwa Anthro intercultural communication & perception
  • dourgarian,ryan robert Soc Sci music in school?
  • gill,stephanie therese technology & American health
  • grey,victoria elizabeth Soc Sci cultures of poverty 'single parenthood' family structure among female-headed households
  • johnson,judith elaine Soc Sci tradl vs nontradl UCI students: Goals
  • kim,christina hyun im Anthro minority issues in Japan, focus: Koreans
  • kitgareanirootama,satra n Soc Sci target demographic-ing
  • massih,pedro Anthro [on break for personal emergency]
  • nickelsburg,kurt alexande Double breakdown of complex systems?
  • rath,brandon thomas Soc Sci alcoholism thru the ages
  • reinhard,heidi kristen Soc Sci organiztn behavior w/in business
  • sabol,casey quinn Anthro interaction of different religious systems
  • soltani,ilar Soc Sci religion and virginity
  • tabaka,monika ewa Anthro Hawaiian cultures?
  • vega,eric esusan Anthro American culture?
  • watt,bryan Soc Sci Chinese culture

    working as a group - longitudinal network study of a philipino undergraduate organization

  • lansigan,may antonette Soc Sci conformity? interaction of social group?
  • militante,jon joshua Soc Sci interaction w/in a social group
  • pascual,cornell Soc Sci cybernetics & American youth culture
  • sulit,nomar youth in year 2000


  • Chang Eugene road rage Soc Sci Anthro