Self-extracting *.net files for pajek

self exploding for Egy and MRIXA Instructions: right click and save to your disk (e.g., a:) and then open "my computer" or ms explorer to double click to execute the *.EXE file and the *.net files will self extract. The list below of Pajek Net files included in EXE zip file gives the names and descriptors of the files but if you download the files individually from Internet Explorer you will have to use an ASCII end-of-line editor (lite.exe) to alter incorrect end-of=line designators. The files also do not view properly because of this. The problem is that If you open the files in netscape or mozilla they view with two line feeds (space between lines) but still do not save to file correctly. So better to use the self-extractor. Eric Schwimmer's Orokaiva ethnography Taro exchange network view format Karate club ethnography Karate club Galois.clu Galois embedding of Cohesive Groups in the Karate Club Galois.vec spanning tree of the Karate club Southern Woman cut7-9.clu see Daviswmn.htm Daviswmn3cut.htm Daviswmn3cutCORES.htm cohesion in the - k-connectedness Kinship data Nord-pas-de-Calais Turkish Nomads Pul Eliya American Presidents Guatemalan elites Friendship networks NSF methods summerschool Terrorist Networks any tie to Mohammed Atta Entailment Analysis diagrams partial order Biological Networks Protein interaction network Johnson's 'Intelligent' Maze Pajek test data affiliation network Pajek *.net files - these are for practice sessions