Anthro 179A: Social Dynamics
  1. Each student will be required to do a lecture or lab session outline and post it to the Discussion NoteBoard. Be prepared to be called upon to do the class notes when your turn comes.

  2. Each student is responsible for a literature or project review to be posted to the Discussion NoteBoard. These may be:
    • review of literature (see book or article report)
    • research or literature relevant to your term paper project
  3. You should also post a no more than 1-page proposal for your term project to the NoteBoard

  4. Each student's term paper/project should be presented in one of the three Thursdays the last three weeks of class. A paper/project proposal is due the 4th week and posted to the web after reviewing the instructor's comments.

  5. Extra credit: take a look at an introduction to homeokinetics (off the web page), and then see if you can find the flaws in this paper, THE SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS, do a critique of one or more web pages in Entropy on the World Wide Web, write a multiagent model in starlogo, use pajek software or ucinet to study network dynamics, etc.