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email me back if you get this so I can tell who is live on this class account

Assignment for Tues 1. go to download a chapter to your hard disk. Unzip and read the chapter *from Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek*

2. to get the example datasets make a new subdirectory, e.g., Ch4 on your hard disk (same directory) go to right click the appropriate chapter *.exe file under the icon of the book save to the subdirectory you just made, e.g. Ch4 Now open "my Computer," land on the *.exe file and double click data files with self-explode

3. now download the pajek program from you can download and click the *.exe and it will self-install. Or open it from the web and it will install (close most other files first).

4. Now open pajek, go to your data directory and click F)ile N)etwork R)ead and click each file needed for this chapter once you navigate to your subdirectory. For each example in the book, follow the chapter instructions to open the file and follow along with the example.

5. Email me with problems or post them to and then email me. Others might have the same problem

6. If you go straight to the noteboard at you will find this message posted WITH LIVE LINKS TO SITES ABOVE

7. Once you have gotten this far, then email me... and be prepared to present the basic ideas of the chapter in class... along with anyone else who has done that chapter...

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