Tues Week 5
  • Income Inequality and the Power Law - Michelle Prescott
    Thurs Week 6
  • Gini Inequality and World System - Kennan Sivalingam
  • Movies: Networks of Influence - Maryam Shafizadeh

  • Tues Week 7
  • Kindergarten networks - Michelle Prescott
  • Food Webs - Heather Markham

  • Thurs Week 7
  • Ants (Deborah Gordon) - Paige Johan
  • "Crime Lab" data - Megan Stone
  • Musical Networks - Mike Hein
  • Cross National Trade - Kevin Robledo
  • Forest Food Webs - Mike Montecillo
  • see: ecological network analysis (good references also)
  • see: long-term ecological data archives LTER
  • see: LTER data archives - conference
  • see: LTER document archives
  • see: LTER reports
  • see: LTER project - Arizona
  • -- Jose Jimenez?

    Tues Week 8

    Thurs Week 8
    Tues Week 9

    Thurs Week 9

    Tues Week 10
  • Report Proposal Project
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    TUES-THURS 23rd-25th October - let's try to cover the following chapters in SCOTT:
    Ian Ch. 1 and part of 2, pp. 1-16: Intro, Sociometrics, Graph Theory
    Jeff Ch. 2 pp. 16-26 Interpersonal Configurations and Cliques
    Jacek Ch. 2 pp. 26-37 Networks, Total and Partial
    Nick Ch. 3 pp. 38-49 Organization of Relational Data
    Ian Ch. 3 pp. 49-53 The Storage of Relational Data
    Jeff Ch. 3 pp. 53-62 The Selection of Relational Data
    Nick Ch. 4 pp. 63-69 Sociograms and Graph Theory
    Jacek Ch. 4 pp. 69-74 Ego-centric and Socio-centric networks and Density

    -------TUES 23rd October

  • Ian Koskela Mailing list archive discussion threads - Pajek and reading in SCOTT
  • Jeff Paz Music Producers and Artists reading on Bipartite Network in SCOTT
  • -------THURS 25th October
  • Jacek Lazuka Family Networks and Romance Probabilistic Encounters, reading on egocentric and 1-mode networks in SCOTT - and something on probabilistic models?
  • Nick Duran American Indian - Maps - Leadership - reading in SCOTT on RELATIONAL DATA
  • Un Yong Song What factors influence Educational Paths in California, and READINGS on PATH ANALYSIS
  • Tamrah Eldridge Four Corners of the U.S.A. Migration Networks and Ethnic Complexity - SUGGESTION - tie in with new data on ethnic segretatoin and RESNICK Turtle/Frog simulations on segregation outcomes
  • Rachelle Lopez Networks of Classroom Interaction and simulation in RESNIK: Turtles and Frogs (experiments in unintended segregation)
  • -------TUES 30th October
  • Rami Baroudi How Teams are assembled for Auto Racing, and simulation in RESNIK: Traffic Jams (experiments in wave effects of disruptions)
  • Ivan Tan WHere friends have gone after college - distance and who they know and reading by Eric WIDMER
  • Richard Chan Longitudinal relations since High School, reading on CLIQUES in SCOTT (using WORD to make graphs)
  • -------THURS 1 Nov
  • Christine Le Mood swings, family members, flying preferences and Time of Day readings on _______
  • Rex Forbes Sports Teams and Player Switches Cash, Friends and Vacancy Chains - take a look at book by HARRISON WHITE, CHAINS OF OPPORTUNITY (mentioned in SCOTT p. 80)
  • Hee Kim Network within an organization (intervarsity fellowship) and MARK GRANOVETTER weak ties reading
  • -------TUES 6 Nov
  • Anthony Swarthout Contact Networks with NYC Family and Friends after Attack and readings in _____
  • Long Nguyen Epidemics, and readings in RESNICK (simulations of FOREST FIRE)
  • -------THURS 8 Nov
  • Joshua David Terrorist networks - readings from NYC times and readings in RESNICK (simulations of SLIME MOULD - adaptive networks)
  • -------TUES 13 Nov ???????????????
  • Mark Nadig Surfing Networks Small Worlds (Review articles: Duncan Watts)



  • Dao Vuong