The following web page introduces the public to the MesoAmerican  culture and how the varying complexity the societies influenced the types of warfare in each of the civilizations.



A growing population depends on an increased social structure that must concurrently develop in social complexity. When a society’s subsistence economy is correlated with the warfare case study (40), I propose that a significant correlation will result when looking at the entities involved in the progression of war and a developing subsistence economy. In addition, I am relating these results with the development of civilizations in MesoAmerica. In my final paper, I will show that results found in the SPSS study are relevant to older societies and can be used to quantify archaeological data being collected on the Olmec, Teotihuacan, Maya, and Aztec civilizations.


VARIABLES USED - specific to North – South America

Subsistence economy:

V246 (Subsistence Economy)

V858 (Subsistence Type – Ecological Classification)


V894 (Form of Military Mobilization)

V896 (Commencement of War)

V899 (Military Expectations)

V902 (Leadership During Battle)

V909 (Subjugation of Territory or People)

V915 (Defense)

Warfare – Frequency: (no correlation)

V892 (Frequency of External War - Attacking)

V893 (Frequency of External War - Being Attacked)



See Tables for information



Ultimately, this investigation attempted to show that the type of warfare and the degree to which it is used relates to a society’s subsistence economy. The correlation between the degree of warfare and subsistence economy were significant to the 0.01 level. This represents a high degree of reliability between the variables tested in the cross tabulations. In contrast, the cross tabulation of the frequency of warfare and subsistence economy had no correlation when compared. The combination helps to explain the nature of war and the effects that societies have upon the degree and frequency of war. The tests ran on SPSS indicated that the frequency of war is linearly related to the subsistence economy variable. Conversely, the type of warfare and the degree to which warfare is carried out shows a positive correlation with a high degree of significance. This indicates that warfare in general progresses on par with the complexity of societies.