Anthro 174
by: Cornell Pascual

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My Proposal

       Though the research I hope to attain a definite linkage between the violence in a community as a precursor for divorce in married couples. This subject of divorce plays a major role in each and every society, an option which usually releaves the tentions between spouses, yet at the same time inflicts damage to other members of the immediate family or friends.
       Looking into the American society to see if this trend exists obviously is not enough; the approach of an anthropological studies for this topic exhibits a more reliable source of explanation due to the acknowledgement of more than one culture. My studies will involve the main cultures which will support my topic in one way or another, societies from places around the world displaying the traits of both violence and divorce. Better yet, being able to find a culture that practices divorce but displays little violence will disprove my theory/hypothesis, letting me know that my approach to the topic is the wrong one.
       To see what findings I encourtered from my research, check out the options to the left of this section. Happy reading and enjoy.

Cornell P.