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I. Evil Eye Belief (v1189)
       a) Absent - denotes evil eye belief not practiced
       b) Present - denotes evil eye practiced

II. Theories of Witchcraft (v656)
       a) Absence of such a cause
       b) Minor or relative unimportant cause
       c) An important auxiliary cause
       d) Predominant cause recognized by the society
III. Social Stratification (v158)
       a) Egalitarian
       b) Hereditary Slavery
       c) 2 social classes, no castes/slavery
       d) 2 social classes, castes/slavery
       e) 3 social classes or castes w/ or w/out slavery

IV. Region (v200)
       a) Africa
       b) Circum-Mediterranean
       c) East Eurasia
       d) Insular Pacific
       e) North America
       f) South America