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       To test the hypothesis, I initially conduct a cross-tabulation
of the Evil Eye (v1189) and Witchcraft (v656) to see if there are
any strong relationship between the two. This is one way to test
the reliability of the variables. This correlation is done since
evil eye is often considered part of the witchcraft complex. Thus,
showing the reliability will test how much both variables overlap.
Here is the result:

I conclude that there is a rather strong relationship between the
the variables. The Pearson's r = .481 which exhibit that they both
correlate to a huge degree.

       Considering this result, I decide to cross-tabulate these two variables
with Social Stratification (v158) to examine the relationship.
This will show how religious beliefs may differ depending on the structure
of classes in a society. See crosstabs.

       Finally, another cross-tabulation is performed using the two
variables with Region (v200). The aim is to conduct a replication
across regions to see where these religious beliefs are dominant.
In addition, this will show the relationship of the variables based
on differnt global regions. To view crosstabulations, please select format:

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       Evil Eye Belief * Social Stratification * Region
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       Theories of Witchcraft * Social Stratification * Region
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