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       What is the evil eye belief? It is the belief that a person can harm
another either physically and/or destroy their property. This notion
varies from culture to culture with slight differences. Witchcraft is
quite similar and it is defined using suprnatural powers for one's gain.
It also varies from all cultures and its practices are different depending
on the society.
       Both may be considered as religious beliefs and sometimes tend to
overlap by definition. Many anthropologists have claimed that there
are societies from around the globe that practice these belief.
       What kind of societies are involved with this practice? Societies may
differ in a lot of ways such as political organization, economic structure,
etc. One particular difference is the level of stratification whereas
one may have two or three classes and others may have none.


       This research will examine whether religious beliefs have any relationship
on the levels of social stratification. My hypothesis is that the practice
of the supernatural depends on how stratified the society is. I assume when
a society places people in different classes, it is possible that these
religious belief may be prevalent. The reason why such behavior may exist is
due to the inequality that levels of classes produce. In other words, if a man
belong to the lowest class, he may practice witchcraft as a way to perhaps
defend himself against other people on higher classes and who may oppress
him. Thus, the more stratified the society is, the more these religious beliefs
are prevalent and practiced in their cultures.


       Basically, the research will entail a cross-cultural study which will lead
to a possible statistical relationship between the supernatural beliefs and
levels of social stratification.