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by: Laurent Piol

my rough draft

my final draft


War has been as basic a part of human culture as food. Some may even say that was is actually human nature. That is what has interest me n this topic to see what may cause such attitudes. In order to look into the problem, one must further look at the reasons for why people have these attitudes. In doing so, I chose the two topics found in maptab which dealt with military institutions and external war attitude to see if these two factors have an effect on one another. My topic will deal with the comparisons and relations that exist within the two topic, military institutions and that of external war attitudes. In comparing these tow topics, I came across two variables in which I compared to see the correlation between the two. These two variables were that of the acceptability of violence toward peopl in other societies and the form of military mobilization. In comparing these two, I found that their correlation was significant and had a correlation of .551 showing such a significance and that there is a close connection between the two. What I further hope to accomplish with this research is to see how military institutions can bring about an external war attitude. I hope to answer the question on "Do more military institutions cause such attitudes on war or do they actually take away that attitude?' If it does, will taking away military institutions solve the problem of war being a part of human nature? Through answering those questions, I hope to prove my hypothesis of how A the prestige of being a leading powerful society causes a more violent and militaristic outlook on other societies. My research will be don in the library and over the web if possitble looking at different aspects on war and different countries and their attitudes on war itself.

Hypothesis: The prestige gained through being a powerful society and leader causes a more violent and militaristic outlook on other societies.

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