Speculative Perspective:

Some marriages are blessed while others end up in violent. Spousal abuses are prevalent among certain societies and are unheard of in other societies. Naturally, the question becomes just what is it that motivates one spouse to abuse another. The answer may not be readily obvious. Thus, the causation and the causality behind abusive spouse is the focus of my papers. Could male dominance and male aggression be the root cause of spousal abuses? Male dominance attributed to abusive spouse is generally accepted in one society but is totally oblivious to others. As seen, the answer is not a definitive one because there are hidden factors surrounding this complex issue. Consequently, much of the efforts will be concentrated to the "process" of digging up those hidden factors to ascertain a feasible conclusion. In every society, males and females are brought up differently. There certain expectations to be expected from each sex. For example, upon marriages males are expected to be the 'bread feeder' and ultimately becoming 'head of the household.' On the contrary, the female counterparts are expected to permanently reside within her domestic realm. However, to imply such social phenomenons are natural is a presumptuous statement, for these are historically and culturally rooted. These determinisms are indeed complex and they are deserved to be treated with meticulous observations. Finally, whether or not spousal abuses and male aggressions are mutually-influenced remains the grant question. The parallel between those two's are not unilinear. Mathematically speaking, it is not as simple as saying X leads to Y, therefore X equals Y. The equation itself oscillates and orchestrates around the thing we called marriage.