We, the students at UCI, in order
to provide the best future for America and abroad,
hereby propose that actions
need to be taken to make the world  a
better place to live. We firmly believe
in the value of social change.
We aim to educate, innovate, inform
and reform.

Students On A Mission:
 We have assembled proposal
papers, all of which fall consistent to our theme,
"let's make a change!"  The proposals do however
differ in nature.  Our objectives are to introduce and
make aware, some of the issues that exist in society today.
The Internet is an excellent medium in which we can
share our views to large audiences. This web site is
organized into categories with numerous links to
the different topics discussed to ensure that browsing
our site is enjoyable and informative.  Many people have
grown to mistrust information provided on the Internet but
there are a handful of reliable sites.  We are proud to
say that we hold our integrity to the highest esteem.
The legitimacy of this page and its contents are backed
by our works cited and links to infallible sources.


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