I must say, my interest in male aggression and spousal abuse did not emerge as a curiosity; rather, it stemmed from personal experiences.  My relation to spousal abuse tells me that it is not always a pretty picture.  I mean, spousal abuse can sometimes be very subtle and other times it can get to be very  ugly and extremely confrontational.  Basically, I want to find out if indeed male aggression is something that is so commonly practiced that it is natural.  In other word, my findings will center around the big question of whether or not male aggression is biological or cultural convention; or both.  Read on!

-to ask fundamental questions of being a man and a woman
-to ask what are the motivating factors behind spousal abuse
-to suggest aggression is a culturally and socially influenced
-to demonstrate that male aggression is not universal; and
to demonstrate that gender is not universally bilateral
-to show in society where male aggression is commonly
practiced, divorce is high