Proposal for Anthro 174A

    The research that I find myself involved in following the first few weeks
of class contains the comparisons of child development versus the aggressive
tendencies in males.  I propose that there is a correlation between
child development and the aggressive nature in cultures, globally.
Studies have been made concerning child development throughout many cultures.
In child development, the parents' role(especially the father's role) is
very important to the well being and social growth of the child.
The child develops their role in society through the teachings of the parents.
The child also mimics the parents at different points in their adolescence.
Therefore, if a parent rears the child in such a way that aggressive tendencies
are used when faced with conflict, the child will pick up those tendencies
and use them in society.  Aggressiveness is depicted in children through
fighting of children, their arguments with each other, and in destructive
behavior.  It is , however, not limited to these forms of aggressive
    I will try to show there is a correlation between these two variables.
Using (v625)the high value on males being aggressive, strong, and sexually
potent, (v991)the importance of Fathers for both boys and girls without
regard to gender, and (v54) the role of Fathers through early childhood,
it can be seen through correlating them that it is pretty significant that
aggressiveness and roles in child rearing related throughout different
cultures.  Therefore, it is a phenomenon shared throughout the world.