VITA: DOUGLAS R. WHITE, Professor of Anthropology and Social Science,

University of California, Irvine

[My Picture]

Ph.D. 1969, University of Minnesota, Anthropology and Social Theory.

Academic Positions

Professor, 1979-. Anthropology, Social Networks, UC Irvine.

2004-  Chair, focus research group on Social Dynamics and Evolution,

Institute of Mathematical Behavioral Sciences, UC Irvine

1996-04  Graduate Director, Social Networks PhD

       (emphasis in Mathematical Behavioral Science as of 1998)

1996-8 UCI Co-Director, Intercampus Graduate Curriculum,

       Modernity's Histories in Global Context

1995-  UCI Representative, Mellon Anthropology and Demography

       Postdoctoral Program

1995-  UC-wide Program in Comparative Social History

       and Theory.

1994-  Institute for Mathematical Behavioral Science. UCI.

Assoc./Full Prof. 1976-89. Comparative Culture & Social

       Science, UC Irvine.

Asst./Assoc. Prof. 1969-76. Anthropology, Sociology

       Departments, University of Pittburgh.

Concurrent Positions Advisory Board, Center on Governance, UCLA Working Group on the Co-Evolution of States and Markets, Santa Fe Institute, 1999-present Working Group on Structure and Dynamics of Complex Interactive Networks, Santa Fe Institute, 2000- Invited Professor, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, 1998-99, 1999-2000 Co-Responsable scientifique - Liens, réseaux, configurations - aide informatique, filière Histoire sociale et démographie, LDH, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales Directeur d'Etudes Associé, 1991-92. Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. Paris. A.v.Humboldt Distinguished Senior U.S. Social Scientist Award, 1989-91. Institut fur Völkerkunde, University of Köln. Instructor, 1974. ICPSR. Research Methodology Summer Program, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Co-Director (Lilyan Brudner, Director), 1971-73. Language Attitudes Project, Ministry Level, Irish Republic. Research Associate, 1970. Project IMPRESS (John Kemeny), Dartmouth College. Staff Anthropologist, 1968. Summer Seminar in Quantitative Anthropology, National Science Foundation. Visiting Assoc. Professor, 1974-75. Anthropology, University of Texas-Austin.

Personal data: b'42, child'75 Scott (Fa/Son photo 1982) -and- Scott in his Paris loft with friend and with Olivier Lalin (1997)
I'm interested in how societies, cultures, social roles and historical agents of change evolve dynamically out of multiple networks of social action. To what extent do diffuse "weak-tie" networks, such as matrimonially linked families which are "structurally endogamous" (linked through multiple paths), for example, operate to construct social class, ethnicity, and the particular social structures, gender roles, and social cognition of local communities? How are such ties and such communities embedded in and historically constituting the institutions of the larger political economy? How does the network structure of the world political economy engender the structures of opportunity and constraint of more localized social activity? I work with several types of comparative data with longitudinal time depth such as kinship and marriage networks, demographic baseline studies, global political events and economic exchange.

Doug & Lilyan, Maison Suger, Paris, 1991 Narciso's sketch 1999
Research Interests and Teaching in Sociology and Anthropology:

Anthropological, Network, and Homeokinetic Theory; Research on Social Networks, Longitudinal Field Sites and Social Demography, Kinship and Marriage Networks, Social Organization, Gender, Stratification, Transnational Development and Community Change, Systems of Exchange, Property and Inheritance, Division of Labor.
Comparative Ethnographic and Historical Research; Focus on Europe, Mesoamerica, Indian North America, Pacific, World Systems, Urban and World Culture; Methodology, Mathematical Anthropology and Computing.

Honors, Awards, Fellowships 

Erdös number of 2 see addenda

Santa Fe Institute Resident (June 1999 2000 2001), John Padgetts' working group on co-evolution of states and markets

Biography in Who's Who in America. 1994-present.
Biography in International Who's Who. 2000-present.

Ministry of Research & Technology, Bourse de Haute Niveau, Laboratoire d'Analyse Secondaire et des Mèthodes Appliquées a la Sociologie. Paris. 1991-92.

Alexander von Humboldt Distinguished U.S. Senior Social Scientist -- Research Award (Ethnosoziologie), 1989-91. Renewable.

Center for Advanced Studies, Fellow, 1981-84, Western Behavioral Science Institute

Mathematical Social Science Board, Symposium on Social Networks, Dartmouth, 1975

National Institute of Mental Health Predoctoral Fellow, 1964-67.

Visiting Fellow, 1965-66, Anthropology and Mathematical Sociology, Columbia

CIC Travelling Scholar, 1964-65. Anthropology/Mathematical Psychology, Michigan

NSF Cooperative Fellow, 1963-64. University of Minnesota.

American Field Service Scholarship, 1958-59 High School Year,Madrid.

Administrative Experience 

Graduate Director, 1995-present, Ph.D. Program in Social Networks

Chair, 1994-1996, UCI Senate Committee on International Education.

Executive Committee of the Academic Senate, 1994-96. Irvine Division.

President, 1986-90, Chair 1986-. Linkages Development Research Council.

UC Systemwide Committee on Appropriate Technology, 1985-87.

Chair, 1982-83. Graduate Program in Social Networks, UCI.

Chair, 1980-81. Academic Senate Committee on Courses.

Executive Committee of the Academic Senate, 1980-81. Irvine Division.

Director, 1979-80. Focused Research Program in Social Network Analysis, UCI.

Chair, 1979-80. Social Structure Group, University of California, Irvine.

Dean Search Committee, 1978-79. School of Social Sciences.

Executive Committee, 1976-78. School of Social Sciences.

Co-Director, 1971-73. Language Attitudes Project, Finance Ministry, Irish Republic.

NSF and other grants 

National Science Foundation grants: w G.P. Murdock, Cross-Cultural Cumulative Coding Center 1968-73; w H.G. Nutini, Network Analysis of Compadrazgo in Rural Tlaxcala 1976-80; w L.C.Freeman, Social Networks Computer Teleconference 1977-79; w M.L.Burton: (1) Sexual Division of Labor 1981-83 (2) Labor Intensification and Female Status 1983-85 (3) World Systems and Ethnological Theory 1985-87 ; w D.Smith, Large Scale Network Analysis of World Trade 1986-89 (SDSC); w T.Scudder and E.Colson, Long-Term Dynamic Assessment of Impacts of World-System, Development and Ecological Processes on Local Socioeconomic Change in Gwembe Valley, Zambia 1988-90; w 4 other PIs, Assessment and Planning of Cross-Cultural and Comparative Research 1987-88; w 2 other PIs, Summer Institutes in Comparative Research 1988-90; Network Analysis of Kinship, Social Transmission and Exchange: Cooperative Research at UCI, UNI Cologne, CNRS Paris 1993-95. Longitudinal Studies and Predictive Cohesion Theory, 1999-2002.

Numerous small grants: social science database and computing systems, planning grants, conferences. Mellon Program Development Grant in Anthropology and Demography, with James Lee, 1995-1996. Member: NSF Advisory Panel, numerous Social Science committees and planning groups on data base, software development, research organization and training.

Conference organizer: Social Science Computing (1995, UCSD/SDSC), Longitudinal Field Studies; Scholar's Workstation, Approaches to Unified Social Science; Research Methods; Text Analysis; Cross-Cultural Research; Teleconferencing; Social Networks; Natural Decision Making; Urban Anthropology.


President Elect and President 1992-1993: Social Science Computing Association.

Founder, and General Editor 1985-1990: World Cultures electronic journal.

Editorial Boards, current: Social Networks, Social Science Computer Review, University of Michigan Press, Linkages Series. Past: Computers and the Humanities, Journal of ` Behavioral Economics, Ethnology.

Fellow: American Anthropological Association, Society for Applied Anthropology.

Charter Member: The Classification Society-No. American Branch, Society for Cross-Cultural Research, Int'l Network for Social Network Analysis, Society for Psychological Anthropology, Cognitive Sciences Society.

Member: Society for General Systems Research, American Sociological Association, American Mathematical Association.

ms ready for submission Using SPSS: Analysis and Comparison in the Social Sciences (drw & Andrey Korotayev). Sage/AltaMira/Lexington

2005 Network Analysis and Ethnographic Problems: Process Models of a Turkish Nomad Clan (drw & Ulla Johansen). Boston, MA: Lexington Press. Distribution by AltaMira Press.

1998 Kinship, Networks and Exchange (eds. Thomas Schweizer, drw). Cambridge University Press.

1989 Research Methods in Social Network Analysis Eds. L.C.Freeman, drw, A.K. Romney.

1975 Tuaraiscail: Report of the Committee on Language Attitudes Research Regarding Irish (Lilyan A. Brudner, drw, and staff)

1972 The Anthropology of Urban Environments (eds. Thomas Weaver & drw),

1969 Decision-making in Equestrian Indian Societies: An Essay in Commparative Pragmatics (Cooperation and Decision-Making among North American Indians). Ann Arbor, MI: Dissertation Reprints.

In manuscript Cultural Kinetics 1, Emergent Dualities: The Balance Principle in Kinship Networks (drw & Michael Houseman) (submitted: Cambridge University Press)

In manuscript Cultural Kinetics 2, An Invisible State: Belen, since the Revolution (drw & Michael Schnegg, Lilyan A. Brudner and Hugo Nutini)

In manuscript Cultural Kinetics 3, A House-system: From 1511-1998 in an Austria Farming Village (drw & Lilyan A. Brudner)


Submitted "Collective Geodesics and Co-evolution: A Graph Theoretic Structural Model" (drw & Frank Harary), Advances in Complex Systems.

Submitted "Multiple Connectivity and its Boundaries of Integration: Networks of Local and Class Cohesion in Rural Tlaxcala" (drw, Michael Schnegg, Lilyan Brudner & Hugo G. Nutini) American Journal of Sociology

2005 Walter W. Powell, Douglas R. White, Kenneth W. Koput and Jason Owen-Smith. "Network Dynamics and Field Evolution: The Growth of Interorganizational Collaboration in the Life Sciences." American Journal of Sociology 110(4):1132-1205. Special issue on computation in the social sciences.

2004 Douglas R. White, Walter W. Powell, Jason Owen-Smith and James Moody Networks, Fields and Organizations: Micro-Dynamics, Scale and Cohesive Embeddings. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory 10:95-117. Special issue on Mathematical Representations for the Analysis of Social Networks within and between Organizations, guest edited by Alessandro Lomi and Phillipa Pattison.

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Field Research

1995. Networks in Southern California, w Thomas Schweizer and Linton Freeman;

1993-96 Networks, House System and Migration in Rural Austria, w L.A. Brudner;

1976-79 Networks, Labor Force Participation and Belief Systems in Tlaxcala, Mexico;

1972-73 Multilevel national research project involving socio-demographic analysis, survey sampling and questionnaire design, Networks of Irish language use, social and decision-making processes affecting language maintenance; attitudinal studies, educational and institutional research in Ireland; reviewed in Ireland : A Social and Cultural History, 1922 to the Present

1968-70 Italian and Irish American Urban ethnic adaptation in Pittsburgh;

1964-65 Upper Mississippi culture and personality;

1962 Acatlan, Veracruz, Mexico, religious and economic integration;

1962 Coastal fishing economies in Veracruz;

1961-62 Ojibwa urban adaptation in Minneapolis.

Database Development and Programmatic Research

Work on development of a standard cross-cultural sample of 186 classic ethnographic sites began in 1967 with G. P. Murdock. This database now includes temporal development and world-system impact variables in addition to cumulative codes from hundreds of contributing studies on over two thousand variables. These data, together with analytic and mapping programs I developed, continue to be published in the World Cultures electronic journal that I founded in 1985.

Between 1976-80 NSF funded Nutini, Brudner and myself for a 5-field site study in rural Tlaxcala, Mexico. I developed a database approach to study of community social networks, migration, kinship and marriage, and social change.

Since 1985 I headed a team involved in creating a series of longitudinal databases for studies of economic development and community level change in anthropological field sites, with collaborations including:

1) Colson and Scudder's 4 Tonga village sites in Gwembe, Zambia

2) Brudner and White's Feistritz village site in Carinthia, Austria,

3) Nutini, Brudner and White's factory and 4 village sites in Tlaxcala, Mexico,

4) Goodenough et al.'s Trukese site in Micronesia,

5) McCall's Rapanui (Easter Island) site in Polynesia,

6) Dorsey's Historic Omaha archival materials,

7) Lee's Chinese Imperial lineage archival materials,

8) Van Kemper and Foster's Tzintzuntzan village and migration project.

Our 1986-89 NSF and Wenner-Gren awards used the first site as a test case for development of a longitudinal social demographic methodology now being carried through in other sites.

Together, these three projects (1967-75, 1976-80, 1985-present) resulted in development of software that is now widely used in comparative studies ("MAPTAB" data visualization, entailment analysis, and autocorrelation), community-level network studies and transnational networks and flows (elements of "UCINET" analyses of social positions based on regular equivalence, generalization of positional centrality measures), and the longitudinal analysis of social change (graphic visualization and analytic package for material flows and exchange mapped onto flow representations of kinship and marriage networks).

Since 1991 I have co-directed with Michael Houseman (CNRS, Paris) and - until his death in 1999 -Thomas Schweizer (Cologne) a team of researchers assembling longitudinal kinship and property-transmission networks from a series of anthropological field sites (those above plus, e.g., Dogon and Tuareg-Africa, Pul Eliya-Sri Lanka, numerous Amazonian groups, Tikopia and Anuta-Polynesia, Arapesh and Manus-Melanesia, Groote Eylandt-Australia), historical or demographic studies (Quebec villages, Aillier-France; Elites- in Central America, U.S., Nord Pas de Callais), plus nearly one hundred sites with longitudinal kinship and marriage networks. A series of jointly authored books (with Houseman, Johansen, Brudner, Schnegg) are in preparation, and utilize data from the better cases studies. Data from these studies will be contributed to the National Anthropological Archives.

I am currently funded for another collaborative NSF proposal (later scaled down) that will cap what we have learned from large-scale social network analysis (including kinship and marriage networks, property and transaction flows, etc.) in terms of a sophisticated fieldwork database system, with applications to be tested in multi-level urban ethnography carried out in colloborative and dissertation-level research.

Published Software

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