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Social Networks / Human Sciences and Complexity

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SocSci 240ABC Course Code ____ Sociol ___ /PoliSci___ /Anthro 289ABC
Designated Fridays 1:30-3:00, Fall, Winter, Spring 3030 Anteater Instructional and Research Building, on E. Peltason across from Anteater Drive.

1.3 credits per quarter FWS. Undergraduates are welcome to take this seminar for credit.

The class meets in the videoconference workshop as the UCI component of the four-campus Human Sciences and Complexity VideoSeminars that meets designated fridays starting October 6 and to which you may invite other students and faculty. Past seminars are available on the site as streaming videos.

In the course of the year (or quarter), select one of the speakers in the videoconference series to do a written report on aspects of their research that are relevent to networks and complexity. This report should be distributed two weeks in advance of the speaker, and emailed to drwhite [at] to seminar members, It will be discussed the week before in a special video session for seminar members.

One of the incredible things about this course is that in addition to the intermittant Friday videoconferences (totaling part of the 30 hours over FWS for 4 course credits) is that students will meet witht the instructor for collateral discussions through an International Flashmeeting course setup hosted through the OPEN UNIVERSITY. Students participate from their internet coonnections. Its quite an amazing technology. We are the leading academic institution in this country in the use of this instructional and communicative technology.

Basic reading: What is Complex Systems Science? Paul Bourgine and Michel Morvan (Latest version), writing for ONCE-CS, the Open Network of Centres of Excellence in Complex Systems.

The Emergence Paradigm Chapter 10 from R. Keith Sawyer, 2005. Social Emergence: Societies as Complex Systems

Research papers are also available at the site of the ECCS Social and Historical Dynamics Workshop. Co-Hosted with the James Martin Institute for science and civilization

Week 9 (Thurs) - ThanksgivingHoliday

Students in the seminar are from Sociology, Political Science, Economics, DASA, MBS, Cog Sci, ICS, Bren School of Business, Statistics, and Anthropology.

The seminar is sponsored by the Social Dynamics and Complexity Research IMBS

access to drw pdfs

If you are interested in the Social Network focus, you should own Exploratory Network Analysis with Pajek and get the downloadable data files that go with each chapter Together these constitute a network analysis practicum. Appendix.EXE to accompany Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek, by Wouter de Nooy, and pajek authors Andrej Mrvar, and Vladimir Batagelj -- by installing Pajek at home and unzipping datafiles, you can work through the book, turning in exercises and analyses at the rate of two per week for project credit, including a report on and intensive analysis of a dataset.