Networks and Social Evolution
Anthro 222D Social Networks and Dynamics

Social Sciences 249A/Anthro 289A
Fall 2004 (Syllabus in development)

Weeks 3 & 4 - Participation of graduate students from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Weeks 7 & 9 (Thurs) - Holidays

Duran Bell preliminary syllabus

Partial Syllabus

Networks and Social Evolution

Anthro 289A/Social Sciences 249A

Fall 2004 (preliminary)

Professors Duran Bell and Doug White

Each week, selected students will present discuss the material of the week's readings.  It is expected that students will do more than summarize the reading and challenge some aspects of the readings from methodological and/or theoretical perspectives.  The overall objective of this section of the course is to advance the development of theory and method for understanding the internal dynamics of social formations.  For questions:

Week One, 1:  Inter-species interaction

Tim Ingold: Predation and Protection (30 pages)

Alan Rogers: Resources and population dynamics  (27 pages)

Week One, 2:  Intra-species interaction

Robert L. Trivers:  Sexual selection and parental investment (48 pages)

Bell & Song: Sacrificing reproductive success (10 pages)

Week Two, 1:  Intra-species interaction

Week Two, 2: Dynamics of Population 

Turchin: Chapters Two, Three and  Four (68 pages)

Korotayev, Malkov, and White: (More is Simpler -) A Compact Macromodel of World Population Growth (11 pages)

Population Dynamics and Warfare: preprint Turchin and Korotayev; Addendum; Supplementary Turchin's nature article

Peter Turchin Dynamical Analysis of Socio-Economic Oscillations: England, 1100-1900

Week Three, 1:  Dynamics of Wealth Accumulation

Bell: Wealth, Power & Corp. Groups (40 pages)

Korotayev: World Religions (40 pages)

(see also book manuscript

Bell: Bands, fertility and the social organization of early humans (21 pages, doc file)

Fredrik Barth: Nomads of South Persia (32 pages)

Week Three, 2: Social structure and demographic processes

Bell: A new model of Middle Eastern Social Structures.(34 pages)

White and Houseman: The Navigability of Strong Ties:
Small Worlds, Tie Strength and Network Topology
Another model of Middle Eastern Social Structures.(10 pages)

2003 Douglas R. White, Emergence, transformation and decay in pastoral nomad socio-natural systems. to appear in Emergence, Transformation and Decay in Socio-Natural Systems, edited by Sander van der Leeuw, Uno Svedin, Tim Kohler, and Dwight Read.

1998 Michael Houseman and Douglas R. White, Network Mediation of Exchange Structures: Ambilateral Sidedness and Property Flows in Pul Eliya. Kinship, Networks and Exchange, Chapter 4, pp. 58-88. Edited by Thomas Schweizer and Douglas R. White. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Week Four, 1: Social structure and demographic processes in early China


Korotayev and Komarova: A new model of Chinese dynastic cycles (40 pages)

Rethinking the Hobbesian Metaphor for International Politics - Comparing Ancient China and Early Modern Europe
Hui Tin-borMangled edition of the above: Toward a Dynamic Theory of International Politics:
Insights from Comparing Ancient China and Early Modern Europe (31 pages)

Jack A. Goldstone: Chapter 4, State Breakdown in Early Modern Asia:
The Ottoman Crisis and the Ming-Qing Transition (66 pages) - also his Structural Demography article and his 1991 book Revolution and Rebellion in the Modern World

Mark Edward Lewis:  Sanctioned Violence in Early China. (39 pages)

C. Martin Wilbur:  Slavery in China During the Former Han Dynasty (33 pages)

Week Four, 2: General Models of Network Evolution

2004 Douglas R. White, Walter W. Powell, Jason Owen-Smith and James Moody. Networks, Fields and Organizations: Micro-Dynamics, Scale and Cohesive Embeddings. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory 10:95-117. Special issue on Mathematical Representations for the Analysis of Social Networks within and between Organizations.

1977 Douglas R. White, Michael L. Burton, and Lilyan A. Brudner, Entailment Theory and Method: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of the Sexual Division of Labor. Behavior Science Research 12:1-249. download data from spss excel

James G. March, 1991 " Exploration and Exploitation in Organizational Learning," Organization Science 2 71-87. JSTOR

Week Five: Edge-Based Modeling (EBM) and Network Evolution of Civilizations

White, Tsallis, Farmer and White: Feedback Circuits in Evolving Networks: Micro-Macro Linkages for Biases in Attachment, Routing and Distance Decay (8 pages), with live simulations

Stuart Kauffman's NK Boolean Networks (2 pages)

White and Spufford: From Medieval to Modern (4 pages), with slides, GIS and SVG network images

John F. Padgett, Christopher K. Ansell, Robust Action and the Rise of the Medici, 1400-1434 American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 98, No. 6. (May, 1993), pp. 1259-1319.

Brudner, Lilyan A., and Douglas R. White. 1997. Class, Property and Structural Endogamy: Visualizing Networked Histories Theory and Society 25:161-208.

White, Douglas R. 2005. Ring Cohesion in Marriage and Social Networks Forthcoming: Social Networks special issue edited by Alain Degenne Mathematiques, informatique, et sciences humaines Journal of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales, Paris Download:RingCohesionMarriage.pdf

Hamberger, Klaus, Michael Houseman, Elizabeth Daillant, Douglas R. White and Laurent Barry. 2005 Matrimonial ring structures Forthcoming: Social Networks special issue edited by Alain Degenne Mathematiques, informatique, et sciences humaines Journal of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales, Paris Download: MatrimonialRingStructure.pdf Tools for Marriage Network Analysis

Week Six: Discussion papers on early Chinese demographic processes


Chiefdoms into States

Boehm, Christopher. 1993. Egalitarian Behavior and Reverse Dominance Hierarchy Current Anthropology, Vol. 34, No. 3, pp. 227-254. See also (for blood feud as self-regulation) Exposing the Moral Self in Montenegro: The Use of Natural Definitions to Keep Ethnography Descriptive Christopher Boehm American Ethnologist, Vol. 7, No. 1. (Feb., 1980), pp. 1-26.

Wright, Henry. From Chiefdoms to Origins of States and Civilizations

Role Interlock

Nadel, S.F. Social Structure. Chapter on the Coherence of Roles

White et al. 2004. Adding Higher-Order Interactions to Network Ontology

Transformations of Structure

Denham and White

Balasz, Socialism to Capitalism in Hungary

Bearman, Social Movements

Micro Behavior and Macro Structure

White, Networks, Ethnography and Emergence

Network Evolution in the Industrial Economy

2005 Walter W. Powell, Douglas R. White, Kenneth W. Koput and Jason Owen-Smith. Network Dynamics and Field Evolution: The Growth of Interorganizational Collaboration in the Life Sciences. Forthcoming: American Journal of Sociology 110(4) January electronic edition Download: PDF SFI-WP2003d.pdf See link to movies at Barabasi site

2005 Jason Owen-Smith, Walter W. Powell, and Douglas R. White. Network Growth and Consolidation: The Effects of Cohesion and Diversity on the Biotechnology Industry Network Submitted Forthcoming in Management Science , Special issue on Complex Systems Across Disciplines. Download: PDF Growth_andConsolidation.pdf

1988 Large-Scale Network of World Economy: Social scientists use the CRAY Interview: Douglas R. White, David A. Smith. Science at the San Diego Supercomputer Center 1987: 27-28

Macrocultural Evolution and Networks

Korotayev - world religions and social structure


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