Retrofitting the Generative Feedback Network (Social Circles) Models

Retrofitting the Generative Feedback Network (Social Circles) Models

Douglas R. White, Scott D. White, Natasa Kejzar, Constantino Tsallis, and J. Doyne Farmer (c) 2007

right click to Download the parameter_values1.xls spreadsheet

Then follow instructions on the right on the spreadsheet:

First you must fit equation (4) from the published paper for the degree distribution as described in Wikipedia: Social-circles network model

Approximate mappings are available from the set of generating parameters to those of the output networks, and from fitted parameters for empirical networks (those of the output networks) back to the generating parameters, assuming the fitted network belongs approximately to the family of networks generated by the model. These are not strictly 1-to-1 parameter mappings, however. The spreadsheed-based optimization method thus provides a means of finding the best fit to the model generating parameters.

Additional materials on the simulation