Founding Lecture, Four-Campus UC Human Sciences and Complexity VideoColloqium. powerpoint: Civilizations as Dynamic Networks To play the vidconf talk off the web, you will need Real Player, which is a free download. Then open "real player", play something, and in the url window you can cut and past the url below into the real player address bar or just click here for

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Friday 1:30-3:00 - #1 Sept 30 Doug White "Civilizations as dynamic networks: Cities, hinterlands, populations, industries, trade and conflict" - preliminary report on an eBook and Plenary talk for the European Conference on Complex Systems Paris, 14-18 November 2005 - and: authorship, response and author response in the Structure and Dynamics eJournal

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Friday 2:00-3:30 - #2 Oct 14 Chris Chase-Dunn "Rise, fall and upward sweeps: the emergence of a global state" Sweeps - and a report on successful Human Social Dynamics funding from the National Science Foundation (- see NSF proposal and project materials)

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