SASci Schedule


A “unit” is 25 minutes—usually taken as a 20 min presentation and 5 min for questions.

Order of participants in organized sessions has not yet been decided.



Wed PM



Wed later

But something that night (from the night list)

Thurs AM

A:  nothing planned

B: 9 units of White/Korotayev session. It is 13 units. (9 speakers and I don't know about discussant)  (Henry Wright, Andrey Korotayev, Artemy Malkov, Daria Khaltourina, Robert Graber, Andrey Korotayev [with Artemy Malkov, Daria Khaltourina, and Douglas White], Craig T. Palmer [with Lyle B. Steadman and Katheryn Coe], John Angle, and Nikolai N. Kradin and John W. Smith)

8:30-12:00, with break

Thurs PM
A. nothing planned

B. 1:30 PM until the break: remaining 4 units of White/Korotayev session


Thurs later

A & B from 4-5:30  Keynote Speaker
A & B from 5:30-7 Business Meeting


               After Dinner:  Wine and Cheese


Fri AM
A. 9 units of the Bennardo/Ross session It is 14 units. 10 speakers plus a discussant.  (Giovanni Bennardo and Dwight Read, Fadwa El Guindi, Linda Garro, John Gatewood, Janet Keller, F. K. Lehman (F. K. L. Chit Hlaing), Norbert Ross, Bradd Shore, Edwin Hutchins, Douglas White)

8:00-12:20 with break

B. 9 or 10 units of volunteered papers

Fri PM
A. remaining 5 units of Bennardo/Ross session. Discussion will be important here.—

  5 units of Murray Leaf session   4 speakers plus discussion time


B. Carol Ember Joint SCCR/SASci session. 11 units 8 speakers and ?? discussant ?? 11 units would be 4 hours and 35 minutes, but that could be reduced to 4 hours or so since Carol has indicated that she might not care so much about the extra discussion time (8 speakers alone would be 3 hours and 20 minutes).  (Alan Rogers [with Henry Harpending, S. Wooding, and L. B. Jorde], Melvin Ember [with Carol Ember, Peter Peregrine, and Segei Starostin], Peter Peregrine, Richard Blanton and Lane Fargher, Paul Roscoe, Sara Harkness and Charles Super, James Boster, and Joel Aronoff)

Fri later

General Discussion Session 1: B. N. Colby (discussant: M. Orans)



SCCR (NOT SASci): 6-6:45 Presidential Address, 6:45-7:30 Business Meeting, 7:30-9 Banquet


Sat AM
A. A. The Carmella Moore session. 8 speakers, and no discussant. It is 11 units ideally, but she is willing to forego one of the discussion units.  (Scott Atran, Ece Batchelder, Douglas Caulkins and Molly Offer-Westort, A. Kimball Romney, Norbert Ross, and Robert Schrauf)

               8:00-12:00 with break.

B. 10 units DeMunck/Moore session. 7 speakers and ?? discussant ?? 10 units would be 4 hours and 10 min which with the 15 min break would run to 4 hours and 35 min. Trimming one discussion unit would take it down the 4 hours and 10 min.  (Victor De Munck, Robert Moore, William Jankoviak, Mei-Ling Chien, Timothy Perper and Martha Carnog, Linda-Anne Rebhun, Bonnie and Barry Hewlett)

               8:00-12:00 with break

Sat PM
A. A general discussion across the three cognitive sessions plus whatever on the needs, future, etc. of cognitive anthropology.



Alan Fix session 3 speakers plus discussion (Alan Fix, Graciela Cabana, Keith Hunley)


B.  nothing planned

Sat later

General Discussion Session 2: David Casagrande (discussants: Michael Burton, Scott Atran)




Sun AM