European Conference on Complex Systems 2006 (ECCS '06), Said Business School, University of Oxford, 25-29 September 2006

proposed papers session for SATELLITE WORKSHOP PROPOSALS at the Sept 25-29 ECCS06 (google that) in Oxford on Social and Network Complexity.

Proposed Title: Social and Historical Dynamics (1.5 - 2 day sessions)

Themes: Emergence, Robustness, Resilience, and Coevolution in Historical, Social, and Network Dynamics

·  Peter Turchin, 'Historical Dynamics: Secular Cycles by Subcontinents'

·  Guillermo Algaze, 'First Cities'

·  Douglas White, 'Trading Networks, City Hierarchies and Secular Cycles - Where do we go from here?'

·  Camille Roth, 'Social Dynamics of Epistemic Communities'

·  Adam Kuper, 'The Clapham Sect: How to Build a Network and Change the World.' (can do: end of week but not saturday)

·  White and Houseman, 'Kinship, Complexity and Historical Dynamics'

·  Klaus Hamberger, 'Residential dynamics and the emergence of kinship structures - The morphology of a matrilineal clan in a patrilocal framework (South-east Togo)' Abstract

·  Cyril Grange, 'Matrimonial Networks of the French Jewish Upper Class in Paris - 19th century - 1950'

·  Art Griffin and Charles Stanish, 'Simulating Lake Titicaca Basin settlement patterns circa 2500 BC - AD 100'

·  Peter Bearman, Dynamics of East Indian Company Trade? or Title TBA e.g., Malfeasance and the Foundations for Global Trade The Structure of English Trade in the East Indies, 1601-1833, with Emily Erickson 

·  J Stephen Lansing 'Reading social structure from the genome: gene flow and word flow in eastern Indonesia' with live link to: 'SAIL - An agent-based simulation of rule-based marriage and genetic relatedness' / see also new book: 'Perfect Order: Recognizing Complexity in Bali'

·  Laurent Tambayong and Douglas White, ‘Interactive Dynamics of Historical Changes in Eurasian Trade Multiconnectivity and Massive Transformation in City Distributions.’

further invitees

·  Tony Wilkinson, Coevolution of Near Eastern ecologies and histories? or Title TBA

·  Jonathan Friedman, "Globalization, migration, culture: world system historical dynamics" or Title TBA

·  Robert McC Adams, Discussant

still to be contacted

·  Peter Spufford, Medieval Thallosocracies: Maritime and Landed Trade Dynamics? or Title TBA

·  John Gaddis, Yale. ‘History and Complexity’? or Title TBA

·  Colin Renfrew, Genes, peer polities, and Prehistory in Europe? or Title TBA

·  Quentin van Dooselaare, Nuffield, 'Pirates to Merchants' Title TBA (e.g., "From Feudal to Modern: Social Dynamics and Commercial Agreements in Medieval Genoa." Working paper.)

ONCE-CS stands for Open Network of Centres of Excellence in Complex Systems. It is funded by the European Commission by the FET unit (Future and Emerging technology) of the IST (Information Society Technology) priority of Framework 6. It will continue the work of the Exystence network (5thPCRdT).